A Level Math – Coordinates – 9707 S16_11


Coordinates in A level math is not too difficult but it have a lot of formula and many way to apply in exercises. So this question is about coordinates question of A level will help you get more understanding about x-coordinates and y-coordinates.

A level math coordinates includes more than 1 topic in the question.

This question also have asked about algebra. You must show that the formula to calculate the formula given by A level math question and then use that formula to solve or fin maximum point or minimum point. The best way to solve the kinds of this question is based on basic formula and the information given by the question. You can find the total surface area firstly then try to simply the equation you got. You can finish the first one.

A Level Math - Coordinates - 9707 S16_11

Learning A level Math is not easy processing. You must practice harder.

A lot of my student alway think the math in A Level is easy because they just finished all question in their bookbook. notebook. These exercises help you get more understanding the basic one but the real test.

If you just done all the questions in your notebook. it is be shocked as taking the past paper or real test.

Collect more harder question about A level math, it can be A Level or AS Level. It doesn’t matter but I think you can focus on the past papers of the test you will take at the end of your learning year. My video made by myself and I hope that can help you more about A level math. Just watch all videos and if you like the videos. You can have chance to watch more past paper question in the below link about my packages of my teaching videos.
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